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Sample 20-Min Workout from TTE (enclosed)

Published: Sat, 11/24/18

Hi ! There have been a few questions coming in about the Total Training E perience (TTE)—my 52-week e ercise + nutrition solution—which is 50% off…

I went to the gym 3 times on Thanksgiving

Published: Fri, 11/23/18

Hey, Years back, one Thanksgiving, I went to the gym 3 times. As in, 3 times on that single day. Once in the morning first thing. Then right before…


Published: Thu, 11/22/18

Aaaah, I haven’t run a holiday sale in years! So I thought I would this year since many of you asked about when #PhysiqueFinishers will be opening…

New workout for you (attached)

Published: Mon, 11/19/18

Hey, I’d like for you to try this workout sometime before Friday! It’s attached to this email for ya. And you can watch a quickie video tutorial HERE.

The simplest prompt to change your patterns

Published: Mon, 10/08/18

Hi ,We all have patterns.I do. You do. Your neighbor does. That person you love to follow online does, too.And some of us don’t love our patterns. Or…

Ugh, a lil’ tough love

Published: Fri, 10/05/18

!Earlier this week, I posted about procrastination. And really, not even just putting off things we wanna do, but actually, gulp, never doing them at…

Unexpected way to build confidence

Published: Wed, 09/19/18

Hi ! I spent this past weekend in Boston hosting the annual JillFit Business Retreat, with 100 health and wellness professionals working to grow their…

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